Finding what works for you (self-care)

We all talk about self-care and how we always should practice it but are we practicing self-care for ourselves or to look like we are to others? What I mean is that on social media you will see people at a fancy spa or restaurant and the caption would be something like “#selfcare” and think well that is what you should be doing for self-care but is it? Social media can get stuck in your mind and make you want to do certain things to look cool to others. Like I mentioned before about the person at the fancy spa or restaurant, that may not be self-care for everyone which is why it is important to learn what self-care is for you.

This post is going to be about how to find what works best for you in regards to self-care and what I do personally for self-care. The first step is realizing what makes you feel good, what calms you done after a stressful day or even a stressful week. We all have different wants and needs so when it comes to self-care, you should be tailoring to those wants and needs. With a proper self-care routine, you can reduce illness, stress, anxiety, etc.

For example, I tend to overthink often and even more so when I am stressed out so one thing I do as self-care after a stressful day is come home and take a nap. It is simple but it is effective for me because once I am awake my mind is clearer and I can truly analyze the situation that occurred earlier that day. I feel a lot more at peace once I have rested well. That is just something that works personally for me but it may not work for others. Another example is after a long week at work, I like to do simple things on the weekend like a dinner date with my partner, wine tasting with friends, or book a massage for myself. I like to make time for myself and my loved ones on my off days since my week is always so busy between working and running errands.

If you are having trouble finding self-care ideas that work for you, here are a few tips. Tip #1: think about something that makes you happy that you can do at any time like buying yourself flowers or small gifts. Tip #2: Think of something that makes you happy that you can only do every once in a while like going to an expensive spa or taking a short vacation. Tip#3: Do what works for you, don’t think whatever you do is not cool enough whether it be buying a new flavor donut every week or buying new designer shoes every week. If you find joy in it then keep doing it.

I think sometimes we just get lost in the lives of others on social media and we tend to want to be like them or at least do things like they do but don’t realize those are things that make them happy and they may not make you happy. I don’t find joy in buying expensive clothes and shoes, I prefer to find great pieces for affordable prices and occasionally splurge on something if I feel it is worth it. Some people love buying expensive clothes and shoes and that is okay because like I mentioned before we all have different wants and needs. Find what works best for you and don't rush it, it is okay if you are still finding new ways to enjoy life, that is the point never stop finding things that make you happy.

Like always I hope this was helpful and if you got this far I appreciate it and hope you keep reading. Thank you!

-Life with KY

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