Importance of Brand colors

Your brand colors are important because they describe your brand for you, by seeing the colors of your brand people can already get a feel for what you and your brand represent. Brand colors are your first impression so they need to be good. When you have colors that go well together they tell a story, particularly your story. Your brand colors should not just be your favorite colors but colors you believe represent your brand, helps your brand stand out, and be remembered. 

Brand colors increase recognition. For example, someone may see the same colors as your brand while out and remember that you sell something they want or need. Also, brand colors represent your brand's personality so choose wisely when selecting colors because you want to give off an accurate representation of your brand. When selecting colors for your brand, you should start with 3-5 colors. You need a base, accent, and neutral color. All the other colors can be background or additional accent colors. The base color represents the most important traits of your brand, the accent represents other traits and pairs with your base color well, lastly the neutral color ties everything together and draws attention to the base and accent colors.

For example, Candles by KY has the base color of pink because it shows that the brand is vibrant and charming, the accent color is gold which represents luxury and elegance and the neutral colors are black and white because they both represent simplicity and neatness. White represents purity and order and black represents sophistication and elegance. They both represent the brand personality traits and can be used together or separately when creating content for my brand.

Overall, brand colors are so important when establishing your brand identity. You want those colors to truly represent what your brand is about while looking good. Take your time and do your research on different colors and see what you find out about them, think back to what you want your brand to represent, and select those that match that best. You will be surprised at how much you learn during this process.

You can start by googling some colors and reading more about them. Another good start is Canva, it allows you to look up colors and gives the meanings and other great details about the colors. This was very helpful to me when I was selecting my brand colors and I hope it can be helpful to you as well. 

If you read this far I truly appreciate it and I hope this was helpful to you. I am still learning things all the time but I wanted to share some of the things that I have learned so far. I hope you enjoy these and keep reading. Good luck and happy reading!

–Life with KY

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