Self-Care Ideas

Here is a list of self-care ideas everyone can try:
Exercise or try a new workout routine
Drink more water
Eat healthier
Try a new restaurant every month
Create a skincare routine
Create a morning or night routine 
Try a new hairstyle or hair color
Read a new month every month or every few months
Start or end your week with a hot bath
Try yoga
Find a new class to join (pole dancing, pottery, etc)
Buy a journal
Take a walk
Go swimming
Go shopping
find positive affirmations and post them in your space or have them as reminders on your phone

****Remember that Self-Care means the process of taking care of oneself with behaviors and/or actions that promote health and wellness. 

Try some of these to start and find what you like best, you may find more things you enjoy but here is a start!

Thank you for reading this far I appreciate it and as always I hope this was helpful.

-Life with Ky

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